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Stone Wall Cladding Tiles For Interior & Exterior In Kolkata

Natural stone wall cladding is one of the popular choices for both exterior and interior applications. They are mainly chosen for fireplaces, feature walls, and landscaping. The concept was all started with wall cladding for the exterior wall of a building. But gained popularity with time. Today, wall cladding has diverse applications in real estate.

Well, these are just a few applications to mention as there are multiple on the list. Natural stone wall cladding is easy to install and most real estate agents opt for this incredible wall cladding system to boost the aesthetics without going over the budget.

The stone tiles replicate traditional stone wall cladding which was used traditionally. New age techniques and modern progression have changed the way of stone wall tiles and now, they are quite easily available without compromising the appearance and budget (analyzing the inflated market). Well, the installation process has certainly evolved and made the process a lot easier.

What is Natural Stone Wall Cladding?

The raw materials for the natural stone wall cladding are derived from the earth, and they are mostly favoured for their organic nature, amazing imperfections, and tonal variations. They are also highly durable material for which they are on the top choices of the external wall cladding system. This particular stone wall cladding type is also known for its versatility as there are multiple stone types available from the manufacturers. The finishes and formats are almost countless. Natural stone wall cladding has basically two forms and these are manufactured stone tiles and the others which are naturally made and cut into specific sizes.

Manufactured stone tiles can be customised as per the needs and the variations are huge. On the contrary, natural stone tiles and mostly made from granite and slate. Each form has its own pros and cons and it completely depends on the property owner’s choice when it comes to installation.

What are the benefits of Natural Stone Wall Cladding?

One of the most prominent advantages of natural stone wall cladding is they are extremely durable. They easily blend with almost any room’s style whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom. Moreover, stone tiles used in the wall cladding process can be used safely on both indoor and outdoor walls. Properly installed stone wall cladding can last a lifetime along with delivering other loads of benefits.

Ease of installation

Natural stone wall cladding is known for its ease of installation. Also, the installers who are hired for the works, feel the ease of work when it comes to installation. When it comes to wall cladding systems, people usually look for something that structurally sound and suitable. The tiles are available in different sizes and not in random pieces. This means they need not handpicked and place on the wall. The rear part of the tiles is swan smooth and helps in improved adherence that is compatible with the suitable substrate.

Increasing the value of a property

The rustic nature of stone wall cladding in Kolkata increases the value of a property. A building installed with natural stone wall cladding amid the conventional styled buildings will certainly pop out in the street. The time-worn effects, durability, strength, and versatility of natural stones embellish the walls amazingly particularly when they are installed on the exterior walls. As stone claddings are available in different finishes and textures, they can also be used on the interior walls. Consider consulting your needs with a professional installer who has knowledge and ideas of working with natural stone cladding.

Sensational first impression walls

Whether it’s classic or modern, natural stone wall cladding meets both choices. They suitably match your investment made in the refurbishment project. The noble and elegant look of stone wall cladding in Kolkata creates the first impression of timeless. Natural stones like sandstone, granite, or slate have a uniform surface and thus, they can be cleaned as many times as required without compromising the appearance.

Where can you use Natural Stone Wall Cladding?

Both manufactured and natural stone wall cladding in Kolkata are popular. They are used for multiple applications to create distinctive structures. Marble is also chosen by some who are looking for a more sophisticated look. However, the cost may not match with the previous counterpart. The natural stone wall cladding comes in a range of colours, sizes, and finishes.

Exterior façade

If you are looking to remodel the exterior façade of your house, consider using natural stone wall cladding. Choose large cut shapes with a mixture of colours to guarantee to attract the attention of visitors. Granite can be an excellent choice for external façade as they are porous and have the capacity of resisting moisture. Natural stone panels made from granite can be used on the exterior wall as well.

The rustic look at the entryway

The first impression is always the lasting impression! Create a rustic look right at the front gateway to enhance the welcoming gesture for your visitors. The trend of stone wall cladding in Kolkata is reaching a new high with these rustic falls in the interior spaces. It amazingly creates a soothing and warm effect as people walk in. Slate can be a great choice for indoors if you are looking for rustic lighter tones. However, with multiple finishes, textures, and colours, you can certainly go as per your choice!

Panels as room dividers

Panels as room dividers are ideal if you have country-styled homes. Stonewall cladding in Kolkata is used by many real estate agents who are designing high-end living spaces. They are used as partitions to separate living space and turn into a modern apartment.

Urban Stone offers a range of stone wall claddings with distinctive styles and modern improvements in the manufacturing process. We use top-class locally available materials for wall claddings, wall panels, wall concrete, and other products that we deliver.





Why Choose Us

Owing to the popularity of natural finish walls, pavements, porticos, and patios, there is a huge demand for relevant products and services. We have developed a team of experts having years of experience in this domain. At Urban Stone, we understand every project has unique merit that necessitates customized service to the clients. 

Quality Products

At Urban Stone, you get the best quality natural and manufactured products. Our craftsmen use some of the finest quality local raw materials like wood and stone to make impeccable final products. The only state-of-the-art technology is used so that the finest quality surface claddings can be delivered for our esteemed clients.

Awesome Range

Our product array is our biggest strength. At Urban Stone, we take pride in not just the premier quality of our products but the unbelievable array of choices. Our product portfolio is strewn with a wide variety of options of innovative art on surfaces, wall claddings, stamp concrete, vertiflex, etc.

Our products are based on different types of material finish – stone, bricks, concrete, wood. Now there is a perfect choice for everyone.

Easy Installation

If you are looking for a hassle-free quick installation that will deliver you the perfect quality of service, then Urban Stone is just the option for you. We can take care of all the work right from bringing the products to your place to installing as per the planning.

We are always available for after-sales service as and when needed. Our team of experts helps you install classy interior and exterior decors just the way you want. 

The naturalistic textures infuse a renewed personality to the space.

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The carefully selected materials ensure that your wall décor endures through weather and time.

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We combine raw materials based on their compatibility to craft designs that are distinctive and long-lasting.

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Are wall claddings good for the external surfaces?

Absolutely! Wall claddings or stamped concrete is one of the most popular choices used to decorate external surfaces like pavements, drives, porticos, etc.

Is stamped concrete good for harsh weather?

They are the best ones. It has been proven that stamped concrete is one of the most durable forms of surface tops. They are perfect for any kind of weather. Whether it is harsh summer or chilling winters these surfaces can look new and well maintained for a very long time.

Can we change wall claddings?

Most easily! In fact, this is one of the main reasons that call for the popularity of these types of walls. They can be changed and then renovated very easily. You can get them replaced with a new design in no time simply.

Are these services expensive?

No. They are rather cost-effective. Once again going by the fact that these surfaces require very little maintenance also supports the fact that these choices happen to be rather economic and pocket-friendly options. This is true both for the internal and the external spaces.

Will they play up with the style quotient with the rest of the décor?

That is exactly what they are meant to do! One of the main reasons that call for the popularity of these products and these surface varieties is that they have a super chic and stylish look. The amazing variety that you get is one of the biggest plus points. They can upgrade the look of any space without a doubt.

Create Your Personal Space with Urban Stone Claddings.
Stone Profiles arranged to simplify installation.


Stone can be laid in place using a wide variety of methods, with traditional masonry being the most frequently used method. Just remember the following guidelines to easily install a brand new wall yourself!.

Step One

Step - 1

  • Pre-plan the installation : Everything, from the kind of stone to the specific design, needs to be decided in this stage to ensure smooth construction.
  • Measure the exact area : Precise measurements ensure adequate raw materials and suitable planning for grouting and colours that are complementary to the final look.
  • Add a metal lath on top : A corrosion resistant metal lath is added on top of the sheet. One side of the lath has thick protrusions that help to keep the mortar in place.
  • Fix with galvanized nails or staples : Fixing requires an eye for design and a methodical approach that ensures that the intricate patterns are perfectly secured for an impeccable finish.

Step Two

Step -2

  • Mix the mortar thickly: Prepare a thick concoction to attach the stone to the wall. About half an inch of mortar is enough to completely cover the lath.
  • Create horizontal markings: Once a thumb placed on the mortar presents a hard print, it is time to create horizontal markings across the wall on top of the mortar.
  • Wait for the mortar to dry: You will need to wait overnight until the scratched coat is partially dry.
  • Ensure optimum veneer selection: At least twenty-five veneer should be laid on the floor to ensure optimal selection of color hues.

Step Three

Step -3

  • Moisten the scratch coating : Before the stone can be attached, both – one side of the veneer and the scratch coating on the wall, need to be moistened.
  • Place the stones carefully : Begin with the corners. After the stone is placed, avoid touching it as this may disturb the fresh bond.
  • Grouting : Grouting ensures better adhesion of the stone to the wall. It involves lining the sides of the stone with a mixture that, once dried, is slowly shaved off.



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