Terracota Blocks

What Is Terracota Block?

Artstone wall panels are decorative tiles that are used for designing the interior and exterior space of a building. They were originally produced in Turkey and now, with the evolution, the tiles are available in different parts of the world. In Kolkata, Urban Stone offers some of the dumbfound pieces of Terracota Blocks which are definitely examples of matchless craftsmanship. Just express your desire, we are here to fulfill it. We are the proud creator of some of the astounding artstone works in Kolkata.

Interestingly, Artstone carries the vision and decoration of constructional adornments in a unique way and allows the owner to create expressive solutions. The best part about these wall panels is – they are inspired by natural products and are manufactured from naturally available stone particles or sheets. Eyeing the huge demand for Terracota Blocks, Urban Stone delivers the best products for your building to suit the existing design or as per the preferences. We are leading the industry with a dedicated and professional team of experts who are experienced in such craftworks. We at Urban Stone, understand the eccentric part of a project and match the necessity in the best way possible.

Application of Terracota Blocks

There’s no specific area for installing Terracota Blocks. As they are available in countless textures, designs, and finishes, you can install them wherever you want. All you need to check is, whether or not, the wall panels are matching with the existing flow of the design. The specialty of Terracota Blocks is, they can be installed in both interior and exterior spaces. With an efficient installer, you can use a wide array of indigenously made artstone panels in both interior and exterior of your house or a commercial complex.

Interior and exterior facades look stunning with different colours and most interestingly, they imitate natural stones. As they are formed from a mixture of different natural stone powder and polymers, artsone wall panels benefit the building to the next level. The panels are prepared with sulphate resistance coating and heat. They are prepared in a way so that the panels can withstand outdoor conditions. Therefore, it can be said the tiles are more suitable outside than the interior spaces. Terracota Blocks is decorative and also durable.

Some homeowners also prefer installing artsone wall panels in the kitchen, bathroom, and dining areas. The panels are not stone slabs themselves but are prepared from stone powders and this bolsters the non-fading capacity of the products.

Advantage Of Terracota Blocks

Artstone panels are not visual wonders but have wide many advantages> Here have a look:

  • Artstone wall panels can be installed on any given surface after the plastering is completed. It is appropriate for the interior and exterior walls of any kind of buildings.
  • It can be a great choice if you want to eliminate the costs of insulation and painting
  • The tiles are easy to handle and thus, the installation time gets reduced to a great extent
  • The appearance of the tiles is not affected by humidity and water. The tiles can even be installed on surfaces that have been damaged by the same conditions. Also, the wall panels prevent forming of such problems in future
  • Terracota Blocks prevent unfavorable factors like joint gaps, regional breaks, and fragmentation
  • As they are made from natural stone powder, the tiles can be mounted on any surface and this does not affect the static. Also, they do not emit extra pressure on the application surface.
  • The tiles can be easily dismounted and the cost of disassembling is eventually reduced
  • The wall panels can be cut into different shapes and drilled
  • The tiles are eligible to take the weight of any decorative material
  • Through artsone wall panels, you can create fireplaces, partition walls and vaults, as per the desired surface.
  • Maintenance takes lesser time and money, in fact, regular washing and cleaning are sufficient to keep an artstone wall panel beautiful like a new one.


W shaped Terra Blocks

Alaska Breeze blocks are the unique art work applied for ventilation facade walls, fence, boundary walls, indoor and outdoor elevation.

  • Paintable

Amber Terra Block

Pyramid Premium Breeze Blocks are pyramid shaped gives a most modern look to the facade.

  • Paintable

TV Shaped Terra Blocks

Triangle Breeze Blocks are another  geometric shaped breeze block makes an opening to allow the breeze to flow in  and at the same time works as a partition wall.

  • Paintable

Camp Shaped Terra Blocks

Light Breeze Block allow more air and light to pass and gives more wider view.

  • Paintable and long lasting

Opal Shaped Terra Blocks

Mountain Breeze Blocks are semi-covered for air to pass and all most a negligible peep in.

  • Paintable and long lasting

Pearl Shaped Terra Blocks

Flower breeze blocks adds a decorative dimension to the architecture protecting and providing privacy.

  • Paintable and long lasting

Ruby Terra Block

Leaf Breeze Blocks are leafy shaped flowers with white color makes the environment more brighter and relaxing.

  • Paintable and Long Lasting

Petal Terra Block

Ventilation blocks for indoor use finds favourites to customers are very aesthetic and provide privacy and at the same time encloses the space.

  • Paintable and Long Lasting

Brick Cladding Teak Terra Block

Floral Breeze Blocks have functional values and at the same time adds aesthetic to the place.

  • Paintable and Long Lasting

Brick Cladding Cubic Terra Block

Field 1 Breeze Blocks have modern classic design with the division of space without complete separation.

  • Paintable and Long Lasting

Brick Cladding Plain Terra Block

Field 2 breeze blocks have geometric patterns stagged together to allow air and light flow freely.

  • Paintable and Long Lasting

Floor Tiles Terra Block

Cube Breeze Blocks provides a durable screen which is secured and private and has the added bonus with geometric patterned and being highly ornamental.

  • Paintable and Long Lasting

Why Terracota Blocks Good For You?

Terracota Blocks are a form of wall covering which are made from natural stone, brick, and other materials. The wall panels are exclusively good for decorating and enhancing the overall appearance of your building. The touch of natural ingredients is true to change your lifestyle in a unique way. They are a good protective wall covering no matter what type or design of a building is. Dramatically, the involvement of these natural tiles brings life to your room and each distinctive material ensures a unique aesthetic appeal for your space.

Terracota Blocks have a lot to offer apart from the decorative appeal. The wall panels can make your space soundproof if installed in a specific way. Other substances can be added along with the tiles to reduce the amount of sound that gets through. The panel systems are manufactured in a way so that they can be used as a good protective outer layer for your building. For installation, you do not require grouting, and is easier to maintain the embellishing wall panels.

Why We Are Different From Others

The perspective of wall claddings has got a new twist, thanks to the evolution from Urban Stone. The Terracota Blocks introduced by the designers in our team have received huge acceptance in the market. We bring in the natural ambiance and its essence to your room or the space of your desire. Urban Stone, with a specialized team of stone masons, has gifted the industry an affordable and matchless choice of home adornments. The team from our company is passionate to create rustic and natural designs for your building that tunes with nature.

Our designers can infuse natural hues and textures to compete for natural products including stone, brick, or wood. Our core objective is to maintain quality and ensure perfection when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Our products are resistant to UV rays and can withstand all weather conditions.