Vertical Stamp Concrete

What Is Vertical Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, also known as imprinted concrete or textured concrete is a current trend where stone or tiles works are not possible or going out of the budget. It all started with outdoor flooring solutions where robustness and sustainability matter. After its successful use in outdoor flooring, architects and real estate developers started applying it in interior flooring. And now, the concept of vertical stamping has come forth. It’s a type of artistic decorative wall covering with light-weight concrete-based walls impeccably mimicking stone, wood, slate, tiles, and many other types of cladding or paneling work. This is awesome artistry that can change the whole ambiance of the building. It can be used in any vertical construction like interior and exterior walls of a house or commercial place, garden walls, fireplace walls, and any other vertical construction that you want to be looked trendy.

Difference Between Vertical Decorative Concrete and Vertical Stamped Concrete?

It’s tough to differentiate between decorative concrete and vertical stamped concrete. Designing and installing vertical stamped concrete or decorative concrete is a lot tougher than you think. It needs experienced services, impeccable planning, and dedicated tools.

The difference in decorative and concrete stamping is all in manufacturing. In the mould of concrete colours are applied so that the concrete gets a base colour when solidifies. Right after applying the colours, stamping is completed fast. The timespan for accomplishing the stamping work is short because the mould solidifies fast especially in the hot weather. At first, the edges are pre-textured and then the concretes are stamped according to the planned patterns. It’s a highly sophisticated work that needs extreme attention and fast hands.

In vertical decorative concrete, instead of stamping as stated above, patterns are created with the help of various tools or handcrafted by the masons having artistic hands. Decorative concrete can be curated any time even years later while stamped concrete should be completed immediately after installing the concrete walls.

Application Of Vertical Stamped Concrete

Vertical stamped concrete can be applied in various environments like the following ones:

  • Exterior walls of any kinds of construction works
  • Interior accent walls
  • Storefronts and fronts of any kinds of commercial buildings
  • Theme rooms in hotels and resorts
  • Chimneys
  • Government buildings
  • Private offices – interior and exterior walls

Advantages Of Vertical Stamped Concrete

The biggest advantage of vertical decorative concrete is its versatility. It can be curated in any texture and colour. With the passage of time, the scope of application and versatility have been expanding. In addition to their ability to be stamped to look like brick, slate, stone, hardwood, tiles, Urban Stone has developed dedicated stamping tools that make it possible to install many other materials such as botanical imprints, fossilized rocks, baboo like orientation, lava rock, and many more. Moreover, Urban Stone can plan your vertical stamped concrete faux finished, pigmented, and stained. We can employ hundreds of hues as per your requirements. You can ask for any types of colours imaginable including replication of natural colours or finely adjustable with the surrounding environment. With the most modern tools, the overlay depth can also be controlled too depending on the external look or pattern you want.

Vertical Stamped Concrete also allows complete flexibility as far as the size of units to be worked on is concerned. That can be customized to suit the sizes of the walls to be stamped. Stamped concrete can be applied to narrow corners with proper planning.

Products Overview Of Vertical Stamped Concrete

Queery Granite Texture

The hairlines and deep marks make elaborate patterns on the fascia and lend these cottage bricks the inherent quality of restoring the beauty to your surroundings.

  • Antique Red
  • Clay Mist Red
  • Glacier White

Dholpur Stone Texture

Exposed bricks are finished coarsely and stained with cement to convey a striking resemblance to the typical image of a run-down building.

  • Burnt Brick Red
  • Coal Grey
  • Bengal Clay


Whoever slated the phrase “your home is your castle” must have had Proline’s Castle Stone in mind. This stunning pattern is a single tool application. As with all Proline patterns, this pattern also comes in a thin-flex mat for finishing edges and stamping against walls. Stones, ranging in size from 9″ x 12″ to 13.5″ x 22.5″, have hammered edges and defined grout lines for a more natural and random look. Proline’s Bluestone Texture accents the background of this eye-catching piece. With Proline’s help, you can transform this relic of the past into a modern-day masterpiece. Check out our Fleur-de-lis Border Art to capture a French theme. Or perhaps our English Rose for a British feel. The possibilities are endless.


Carved with the keen eyes of an artist, this handcrafted stone is carefully chiseled by hand, adding the artisanal touch to the final product.

  • Maize
  • Chamois
  • Calm Grey


Identified based on the way it uplifts the environment in which it is placed, this design is an exploration into style meeting nature.

  • Coffee Brown
  • Camel Yellow
  • Pearl Grey


Specially arranged to provide a soothing finish and rustic design, the colour-matching replicates the texture of the Real Travertine Block.

  • Goldmine
  • Grey Pearl
  • Light Ochre


Fallen leaf texture are a type of leaf patter made on concrete, which goes well in walls and creates a impresssion of natural leaves.

  • Goldmine
  • Grey Pearl
  • Light Ochre


The elegance and majesticity of these large stones creates an atmosphere straight out of important historical buildings, imposing a rich and powerful feeling.

  • Sierra Rose
  • Coal Grey
  • Glacier White


The bird’s eye view of this particular texture presents a vivid impression of rivers and mountain ranges, adding geographic contours that truly depict Indian Terrain.

  • Sand Stone
  • Rustic Yellow
  • Calm Grey


Colour adds class to its surroundings, and this classic stone creates a unique design that is appealing to the eyes.

  • Chestnut Brown
  • Glacier White
  • Gun Metal Grey


Replicated from the design in Real Ledge Stone, and carefully cut down by hand to various sizes, this installation is made efficiently, towards a beautiful effect.

  • Tortoise Shell
  • Calm Grey
  • Coal Grey


Specially arranged to provide a soothing finish and rustic design, the colour-matching replicates the texture of the Real Travertine Block.

  • Goldmine
  • Grey Pearl
  • Light Ochre


This design gives your walls a sophisticated finishing, with a quiet yet imposing presence that can never be negated.

  • Tortoise Shell
  • Coal Ash Grey
  • Yellow Moss


Sleeper wood comes in a convenient size, ensuring ease of application and hassle-free installation.

  • Wood Brown
  • Straw Brown
  • Seal Grey


This wood is passionately handcrafted and the intrinsic features of wood are delicately carved and coloured, to bring to life the inspiration from nature.

  • Light Wheatish Wood
  • Wheatish Wood
  • Rosy Wood


This surface resembles old wood that has been laid under tracks and naturally textured by gradual erosion.

  • Walnut Brown
  • Brown Wood
  • Coal Ash Grey


Urban Stone Wood Blocks gives the look and feel of a real wood cladding in your interior wall structure. The Natural wood cladding with a dark, natural look gives your home gravity, depth and interest that no paint can replicate. The wood blocks are installed in a traditional pattern to bring texture and visual height to your interior wall.

  • Gronala

Why Vertical Stamped Concrete Best For You?

From an aesthetic standpoint, the decorative vertical stamping concrete is hard to beat, especially in terms of patterns and colours. The options are virtually unlimited. Many clients contact Urban Stone asking for certain patterns inspired by the landscape they have found online or while visiting some exotic locations or sometimes, from their surroundings. Here are some reasons why vertical stamped concrete is best for you:

  • This is a cost-effective alternative to natural stone, hardwood, and many bother costly products used in the same job.
  • Offers hundreds of options in terms of stamping and texture – you can ideate anything and Urban Stone can materialize it.
  • Enhances outdoor and indoor spaces making the spaces more attractive and gorgeous.
  • Add value to your building that makes your house more valuable in the resale market.
  • Make a commercial place look more attractive to the buyers – in the long-term it gets more footfall.
  • The concrete base makes the walls more sturdy, weatherproof, and sustainable – no mold is formed even after
  • Repair and replacement have localized that means; you can replace the specific part that has been damaged.
  • Maintenance cost drops substantially, you need less attention to it – most of the maintenance works can be done by the family members.

Why We Are Different From Others?

Now, the question comes, why Urban Stone for vertical stamping works? Why not others? What makes Urban Stone different?

Urban Stone is a popular name in the real estate sector. We are using indigenously made raw materials for all kinds of cladding, concrete stamping, flooring, and allied jobs. Our works are scattered in different parts of Bengal. Our dedicated team for vertical stamped concrete are innovative and focused:

  • We listen to our clients attentively and try to add more aspects to their thoughts.
  • We materialize every plan after thoroughly inspecting the building and analyzing every pros and cons.
  • We have solutions for every problem that normally and rarely occurs in vertical stamping works.
  • We use technically advanced tools for completing your jobs.
  • We provide state-of-the-art customer service where you can call any time to solve your issues.
  • We never overcharge or you will never feel that we are charging irrationally, our services are cost-effective.

Contact Urban Stone for innovative, sustainable, study, and cost-effective Vertical decorative stamping works for your home, office, shop, or commercial building.