Stone Wall Cladding

18th Mar

Urban Stone focuses on the importance and appearance of natural ambience that amazingly blend with your interior and exterior space. We mean business but with friendly assistance to let our clients feel the bliss of redesigning their dream spaces. Urban Stone in Topsia, Kolkata is home to some of the best products (globally recognised) which are made from locally available materials.

We are adept at creating rustic and natural designs that suit your existing design in the building. The tiles we provide, with natural hues and textures, get easily blend with natural products like stone, brick, wood, etc. Stone wall cladding in Kolkatahas become a popular choice for exterior and interior wall decoration.

Benefits of Stone Wall Cladding

Stonewall claddings offered by Urban Stone are designed to exceed the expectancy of durability. Moreover, on a general note, stone wall cladding has special importance when installing it as any exterior application. These are resistant to chipping and breaking when compared to other walling applications. They are also able to resist harsher weather conditions.

One of the notable benefits of stone cladding is, low to minimum maintenance. The best thing is, stone wall panels tend to improve over time due to the mixture from which they are made from. Considering the safety notes, stone wall claddings are resistant to fire and this can be super beneficial for those who are living in fire-prone areas.

Installing stone wall cladding is easy and all you need to make sure is, the wall on which they will be applied – is structurally fit and suitable for cladding. The tiles are available in different sizes and they are easily set in the desired place. The smoothness at the rear surface helps in the improvement of adhering to the suitable substrate.

Stone wall cladding makes your building stand out from the rest. They smartly accentuate your home and establish a pleasant appearance that blends with the existing design.

Types of Stone Wall Cladding

Stone wall cladding has different types. Let’s find the options available to you:

Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Natural stone wall cladding is available in a unique range and they are usually categorized into three different formats. These are irregular, colonial, and linear. Natural stone wall cladding is typically used for external and internal applications. You can notice them at fireplaces, feature walls, and various landscapes.

Natural stone wall cladding is not just an option for wealthy people. Due to the increasing acceptance, manufacturers are providing them at affordable rates to suit various budgets.

No matter what type of wall cladding is chosen, the basic objective is to build a protective layer on the outer and inner walls.

Slate Wall Cladding

Slate wall cladding is a perfect choice for both inner and outer walls. The natural appearance of the material makes them widely accepted when it comes to cladding systems. Experts in the industry often recommend using slate wall cladding as they are an optimal material for any building.

Slate wall claddings are known for durability, low maintenance, and high performance. Slate tiles easily blend with the modern design and this is the reason, people stay inclined to this option of cladding.

Exterior Stone Wall Cladding

Urban Stone offers an array of stone cladding to suit different types of building’s setting. Exterior stone cladding is nothing new and the recent trend is in a constant mood of evolution. Different types of stone cladding like Fort Stone, Cave Stone, Country Ledge Stone can be used based on the desired results.

The tiles are decorative and unique for which they can mimic the appearance of natural stones. The architectural technique includes applying layers of natural piled stones over other materials.

Interior Stone Wall Cladding

Interior stone wall cladding is used for creating an amazing impression on the visitors or guests visiting your property. Our experts and designers at Urban Stone can replicate natural appearances to make your inner space second to none. Interior stone wall cladding adds warmth and creates a soothing effect to your space.

Granite Wall Cladding

Our granite wall cladding is simple and quick when it comes to installation. However, make sure that they are installed by skilled masons to achieve the benefits properly. Granite wall cladding immensely beautifies your space with a decorative appeal.

Brick Wall Cladding

Clay bricks and roof tiles are nothing new in the industry of building and structuring. However, with a new touch and feel, the cladding systems are offered by Urban Stone. Our unique collections include Travertine bricks, Vintage bricks, Cottage bricks, and many.

Decorative Stone Wall Cladding

Stonewall cladding is our specialty at Urban Stone. Our uniquely manufactured tiles can embellish your space no matter what style is. However, it is requested to consult with our team in advance to determine the texture or style required. We offer different types of decorative stone wall cladding that envelop your dream.

Manufactured Stone Wall Cladding

Manufactured stone wall cladding is formed from moulds that contain a mixture of aggregates, cement, and iron oxides. These are a lot lighter than natural stone however, don’t compromise with the realistic appearance. Our new manufacturing techniques make our tiles sell like hot cakes in the market.

Dry Stone Wall Cladding

Dry stone wall cladding is manufactured without the use of concrete or mortar. These are stronger than other types and can easily adapt to the environment. These are certainly aesthetically pleasing and enhance the beauty of any landscape.

Lava Stone Wall Cladding

Lava stone wall cladding is known for their long-lasting feature. It is a form of natural stone that is specially manufactured in Urban Stone. There are different types available and each has a unique appearance and benefits. Lava stone wall claddings offered by Urban Stone are timeless creation that matches the modern and luxurious looks.

Coral Stone Wall Cladding

Coral stone wall cladding has a special feature and that is thermal ability. These are able to repeal heat from the environment. Coral stone wall cladding is usually used in swimming pools as they don’t get easily scorched up. Usage of this special wall cladding keeps the home fresh and uniquely decorative.

Pebblestone Wall Cladding

Pebblestone wall cladding is simply a form of general stone tiles. The appearance seems like small pebbles attached to the walls with small and tiny dump formations. Pebblestone cladding is a great inspiration for natural life. The pebbles are meshed and stacked together to establish a 3D effect.

Random Stone Wall Cladding

Urban Stone’s stone wall cladding system is designed to meet any landscape or space inside the building. Random stone wall cladding is a type where all types of tiles can be placed randomly. These are usually selected based on the property owner’s requirement and choice of design.

Artificial Stone Wall Cladding

Artificial stone wall cladding replicates the design of artificial stones, however, without compromising the designing concept. These are unique pieces of decorative tiles that are manufactured keeping durability in mind. They are available in various textures, colours, and sizes. With little imperfections, these stone wall cladding types make themselves one of the best.

Greystone Wall Cladding

Greystone wall claddings are known for their beautiful effects as the panels don’t create grout in between. Different types of sizes are available at Urban Stone and thus, let us know your area coverage so that we can deliver the suitable size for the embellishment of your property.

Laterite Stone Wall Cladding

Laterite stone wall cladding is widely accepted by people in Kolkata. It is a lovely material for all types of constructions. These types are usually available in rich, strong colours and are also eco-friendly. When installing the tiles, the application of plasters or cement motor is not required.

Black Stone Wall Cladding

Black stone wall cladding has a special fan base. It is a much-loved stone wall cladding option for bathroom areas and corridors. With its chalky black appearance and unique textures, your area receives an outstanding appreciation from the designing perspective. These timeless wall claddings type looks modern and clean.

Slatestone Wall Cladding

Slatestone wall cladding is not what you think about. It is a form of stone cladding system that duplicates the appearance of slate. These are durable and mainly used in the exterior part of any building. Slatestone wall claddings are fire and waterproof. Being a renowned manufacturer in Kolkata, we use slate stones that match several finishes and customer preferences.

Whitestone Wall Cladding

Whitestone wall cladding brings the tone of freshness to space. These are usually installed in bathrooms; however, new-age customers are also looking for this option when redesigning their bedroom or guest rooms. This natural stone cladding in Kolkatais a good choice if you want to make the area look bigger than the actual size.

Travertine Stone Wall Cladding

Urban Stone offers a wide range of travertine stone wall cladding in Kolkata. Our products include – Travertine bricks, Fieldstone, fountain stone, Travertine blocks, and many. It is a manufactured stone tile that is formed from gold coloured sand. They come in different shapes and have uneven textures.

Why to Choose Urban Stone for Stone Wall Cladding?

Our business is based on “Make in India” and thus, Urban Stone believes in making your area scintillatingly beautiful by providing stone wall cladding which is made from naturally available materials in India. With a unique designing perspective, we continue to be one of the favourite choices for stone wall cladding in Kolkata. Choose us for variety and vivacity.