Get Your Hands On The Best Quality Cane Webbing Rolls in Kolkata

22nd Mar

Remember those grandma chairs with cane backrest and seat? 

Well, if you have thrown out the 70s furniture then we’re sorry to inform you that old is the new aesthetic! Cane furnishing is all the trend in 2023. A modern twist to the 70s decor trend, it is being incorporated into wicker side tables, uber chandeliers, and so much more. 

Major lifestyle magazines are dedicating a page or two to this classic home decor material exploring the various ways in which it can be used. If you are wondering where to get Cane Webbing Roll in Kolkata, then this blog is for you, continue reading to get blown away by the various possibilities of this dynamic material. 

But first, what exactly is Cane Webbing Roll? 

As a material, cane is adaptive and super versatile, almost fitting into every possible design. A cane webbing wall panelling & furniture material enhances the quality of any room. Suitable for indoor and outdoor decor, they are simple to use and uniform for producing high-quality wall panels & furniture in any quantity.  You can use cane in any design style, no matter how modern, vintage, or boho it may be!

Why Choose Cane?

Reappearing in modern ways, designers have re-embraced handmade cane furniture allowing it to feature as the mainstream home decor material. Even though they never perished to exist, the popularity and the use of cane gradually diminished after the 80s. Cane is a tensile, robust, and a flexible material that works well for both indoor and outdoor accessories and furniture. It has a retro, casual look and is textured, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. Many decorative styles, such as contemporary, bohemian, and even ethnic Indian, go well with it. 

  • Cane furniture is lightweight and easy to move. 
  • Furniture and home decor made using Cane requires little to no maintenance except for occasional polishing and dusting. 
  • An eco-friendly material. Crafted from the steps of rattans, canes contribute to sustainable living and can be reused and recycled. 
  • Cane is water-resistant and rust-proof too. As backyard furniture, it goes unaffected by climate change. 

Passionate about creating natural and rustic designs that elevates the look and feel of your living space, Urban Stone manufactures and sells premium quality Cane Webbing Rolls in Kolkata that are widely used for DIY home decor purposes, furnitures, accessories, storage baskets and so much. 

Let’s examine the various ways you may incorporate cane into your home’s interior design through furniture and accessories:

  • Cane Fixtures & Swings
  • Bohemian 70s Armchairs
  • Vintage Cane Headboards
  • Cane Stools and Cabinets
  • Cane Accessories and Home Decor
  • Modern Cane Tables and Ottomans 

You can purchase the best quality cane webbing rolls in Kolkata from Urban Stone, whose only aim is to transform boring interiors and exteriors with modern, quirky and durable aesthetic solutions. Woven into a variety of weaves and webbed patterns, Cane is used to create trendy yet sturdy accent furnishing pieces. Start your DIY decor journey with Urban Stone today! Reach out to us for free consultation, contact us on +91 98362 76000.