Cement Wall Finish: New Styling Mantra For Modern Construction Works

8th Feb

Robust and useful, cement or exposed concrete can perfectly fit any surrounding in any type of buildings. Over the years cement wall finish has remained a popular choice of civil engineers, architects, developers, and interior decorators. In commercial constructions, exposed concrete or cement works is a popular choice both in interior and exterior decors. In modern residential buildings, cement wall designing has taken a new dimension with the help of modern designers and computer-simulated designing works.

Perceptive Use Cement Wall Finishing

Cement is actually a structural material. You don’t have to install it separately. Being a structural material and one of the most prevalent structural materials in India, cement works could be found in the remotest of the places of the country. Concrete can withstand any weather condition including extremely high temperature and extensive monsoon. Concrete works once installed remain exactly in the same condition for decades. That is why; in India where the characteristics of weather are so diverse, concrete wall finish is so popular.

Modern designers are leaving it bare attributing attractive designs or using concrete as an accent material.

Concrete for Exterior Designing

The façade or exterior of a building is the first to make an imprint on the construction as a whole. It develops an interest or triggers the instinct to see what lies inside. Instead of plaster and paints that have become too normal to catch any attention, you can keep it bare. It will be more welcoming and adorable. A concrete finish is sure to attract lots of eyeballs since this different work will make your house different in the neighborhood.

Concrete for Interior Wall Designing

Exposed concrete wall designing is a new style icon in metro cities. It gives a rustic look to the house. Interior decorators flaunting their ideas with concrete interior wall designing. Using wood, pebbles, glass, and other materials with cement, interior decor has been taking different attractive looks as well.

Different types of Concrete Finishes

Following are some of the most popular concrete finishing techniques. Some of these are extensively used in wall finishing and some are used in flooring. However, modernized tools and innovative ideas have inspired cross uses of the concrete or cement finishing techniques.

  • Broom finish: This is also known as brushed concrete where the broom is used to design a slip resistant surface or simply uneven surfaces with specific overall patterns. Normally, it doesn’t have decorative look unless an artistic pattern is followed.
  • Float and troweled finish: Here the concrete is cast in a particular shape, and then a trowel is used on the top layer of the concrete to form a smooth surface. Generally, masons use a hand trowel with a flat blade to make the uppermost surface smooth. These days, masons plan artistic designs with trowel forming different kinds of geometric shapes with cement.
  • Exposed aggregate finish: It is one of the widely used concrete finishing that is extensively used both in cement wall finish and flooring. It’s durable and perfect for adverse weather conditions.