Decorative Stone Cladding: Make A Difference And Give An Identity To Your Home

22nd Feb

Stone is a decorative element having its applications in various construction works. Architects and interior decorators often use natural and manufactured stones for decorative stone cladding. The popularity of natural stone as a decorative material in construction works is not new. Its use in construction could be traced even in many 16th and 17th century monuments.

In fact, both in historical and modern times natural stones occupy a special status in construction works. Today, as stones are manufactured in factories, options for experts become more diverse. Cladding specialists using stones for splendid decorations. As an added advantage, stone cladding attributed strength and more life to a building.

Cover a Wall with Decorative Stones

Covering a wall with stones means making a wall more stable and safe. The availability of technologically advanced tools enables the professionals in this field to make different shapes to use stones as a decorative item. That means stone cladding in the interior or exterior walls can add to the style, stability, and sustainability of the walls and hence to the whole building.

The wall cladding with natural stone or aesthetically cast manufactured stones dignify the environment. In interior wall cladding, extreme care is taken in the finish. In interior walls, aesthetics is more important than anything else; hence, special care is taken in installing the stones.

Some house owners prefer only natural stones while some need the same touch at cheaper rates. For the latter group, manufactured stones are ideal. These are the stones having the same effect as granite, marbles, or other kinds of natural stones.  Decorative stone cladding prints a personality of a house. It creates an identity to a house that is consequently attributed to the family as well.

The discussion so far makes it clear that walls covered with stones –

  • Makes the building safer and stable
  • Enhances the life of the building as a whole
  • Makes a house or room stylish

Uses of Stones as Wall Cladding

The application of stones gives a feeling of strength and durability. Both natural and manufactured stones are good wall cladding material but natural stones are better options in terms of durability and strength. Stones are appropriate in areas of intense use like the exterior walls, bathrooms, kitchens, and corridors. Moreover, stones are frequently used in decorating living rooms.

Various types of natural stones are used for decorating a house like granite, marble, slate, sandstone, and limestone. Manufactured stones are often designed to mimic these natural stones. The use of manufactured stone is indispensable where the natural stone could be heavy for the wall.

Maintenance of Stone Coverings

Maintenance is minimum for decorative stone cladding. The sealing used in this job keeps dirt and dust away keeping the look fresh for a pretty long time. Cleaning the surface with a damp cloth once a month in case of interior cladding and twice a year in case of exterior cladding is sufficient.

Don’t miss the vital matter – call only an expert service provider in this discipline for an impeccable job.