Exposed Aggregate Flooring Is An Authentic Permanent Flooring Solution

9th Mar

When outdoor flooring is your concern, your service provider will show you or discuss with you several flooring options adjustable to your home or business. They might talk about exposed aggregate flooring. This is one of the best outdoor flooring solutions for any type of construction works. In fact, you would be interested to know that these time-tested flooring options can be aesthetically applied in various in-house setups as well especially in bathrooms, veranda, and terraces.

You would be wondering, why should you use this rough and tough surface not the traditional concrete or granite solutions? This category of aggregate flooring is rough and bristly but having dozens of benefits for which it has come out as one of the best flooring solutions today.

Advantage of having Exposed Aggregate Flooring

Following are some obvious advantages of exposed flooring –

  • Rough surface appropriate for all weather conditions: The first thought that comes in outdoor flooring ideas is, will it be weatherproof? High temperature, rain, storm, cold air, rain during winter, dry air, and high humidity, the weather diversity in any part of India is normal. Flooring, especially outdoor flooring is the worst affected in these diverse weather conditions. Exposed aggregate concrete flooring is appropriate for any weather condition. It can adjust itself nicely in adverse situations such as flood or certain change of temperature.
  • Goes perfectly with the overall look of the house: Exposed flooring has high aesthetic value as well. Its innovative decorative look can be made to adjust with the rest of the construction works. Its surface perfectly complements your business or home exterior. You can choose varied colours as per your choice. With more options in hand, exposed aggregate concrete flooring leaving no room for other options.
  • Prevents unwanted incidents: This is one of the chief benefits of this flooring type. It may be raining outside or you may have watered the plants, this coarse surface keeps everyone safe including elderly members of the house who have problems in walking or a baby toddling here and there.
  • Various applications: Some homeowners are using exposed flooring for bathrooms and terraces. In this country, terraces are used for various reasons. With exposed aggregate flooring terraces are as safe as a patio or driveway. Generally speaking, install this flooring to prevent unwanted accidents – slips and falls. It creates more friction that makes walking easy. This is the same reason why people are using this option in bathrooms as well.

The versatility of exposed aggregate finishes is literally ravishing. It can contrast with almost all types of other decorative treatments such as integral coloring, stamping, stenciling, and staining. Other than occasional cleaning, it doesn’t need any other maintenance that drastically lowers your building maintenance cost.

The right selection of decorative stoners makes your exposed aggregate flooring eye-catching and gorgeous. Once installed, you need not pay any attention to it for the next 15-20 years.