Finishing Concrete Floors Options For Homes

9th Aug

Concrete is very strong and hard and this is why it is used for driveways and streets. It is a flooring material that has the durability and strength of highways. You cannot dent or scratch concrete floors. Finishing concrete floors can be a fashion statement too. If you want a concrete floor for your home, you can contact the experts in this field for the best finishing and attractive designs.

Advantages of Finishing Concrete Floors

Several reasons are behind the huge demand for finishing concrete flooring. Some of the benefits of concrete flooring are as follows:

  • Low-maintenance: Concrete floors are extremely durable and can be easily maintained. If concrete floors are properly sealed, they can shrug off grit, dirt, spills, stains, and hard impacts. Sweeping and mopping are needed to make them look new.
  • Heated floors: For new construction, you can add radiant heat. Hot water tubes or electrical cables are embedded in concrete floors to create comfy and warm floors.
  • Multiple Design Options: The modern techniques used for finishing concrete floors have changed them to luxurious. The dyes added in wet concrete produces concrete in different earthy colours. There are surface treatments like concrete stains, acid stains, and paints that can change plain concrete into a beautiful finishing. If combined with the right colouring agents or dyes, finished concrete can be changed to natural brick or stone.

Concrete Finishing Floors Options

Concrete flooring has several options as well. Here have a look:

  • Acid stain: The acid stain gives a bold look. If the stain reacts with a concrete floor it gives a durable colour that does not chip, fade, or peel. It provides different vibrant earth tones including browns, tans, and blue-green colours. The colour produced by an acid-based stain differs depending on the condition and colour of the substrate that is being applied.
  • Water-based stain: The Water-based stains are less vibrant and there are a lot of colours you can choose from. It is a low volatile organic compound and thus safe to apply. A different chemical reaction happens during application and so the final colour shall be fairly consistent.
  • Fast stain: The Fast stain is an eco-friendly and fast-drying concrete stain. It gives a flecked appearance similar to acid rain. It is a good option for polished concretes and they can be used either on their own or along with a water-based or acid-based stain.

The other finishing concrete floors are the following:

  • stamped finish
  • salt finish
  • engraved finish
  • troweled finish
  • swirl finish
  • exposed aggregate finish

Regardless of the finishing concrete floor options, you choose, the top-quality appearance and long-term maintenance of a concrete floor depend on proper preparation. You can select a finish that matches your functionality and tastes. The finishing option offers sanitation, wear resistance, and chemical resistance. Moreover, it will give a slip-resistance and smooth surface.  

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