Get A Safe And Stylish Outdoor Floor Texture With The Broom Finish Concrete

5th Aug

When we talk about floor textures for an external space we look for surfaces that are both good looking and must also provide a certain amount of friction so that walking on it is safe and easy. The broom finish concrete is one of the most popular choices when it comes to installing an outdoor floor surface. This kind of texture or look is attained with the use of a broom that is used to brush over a freshly poured concrete surface. This produces rough lines on the surface and gives a definite and stylish floor finish.

Varieties in the Broom Finish Concrete Segment

There are about three different kinds of broom concrete finish that can be attained with the help of different kinds of brooms. The first one happens to be the fine broom finish where the scratch marks are normally less than 1/32 inches in the depth. These kinds of scratch marks or patterns are created with the help of a soft horsehair bristle broom. Secondly, there comes the medium room finish which creates marks that are about 1/32 or 3/64 inches in their depth. This kind of mark is once again created with synthetic bristle brooms. Finally, there is the heavy broomed finish which is created with the help of a stiff bristle to concrete broom.

Time Normally required to obtain the final product

Giving adequate time for the desired marks to appear on the surface is seriously important. You must wait for all the water to disappear from the top of the concrete before the broom is being used on it. This will depend to a great extent on the temperature, humidity, and also wind condition. You might have to wait for a time spreads that could differ from 30 minutes to nearly 6 hours.

Context of Suitability

This type of broom concrete finish is not meant for areas where the aspects of decoration and aesthetic happen to be very high. Hence this type of concrete finish is not really suitable for interior spaces and surfaces like floors of your bedroom, living room, etc. However, this does not mean that broom concrete finishes are monotonous or boring. You can always add dyes colours and stains to create a different kind of variety in the segment. This is one of the most technical procedures and requires acumen and skill to be correctly carried out. However, applying this technology is one of the best ways through which the surface can be made slip-resistant. Hence, using this texture with hints of colours here and there can be suitable for interior floor spaces like the washroom and the kitchen. Exterior walls of residential and commercial buildings also look fabulous with broom finish concrete.

Ask the developer what you exactly want? They can offer multiple options and great works.

Important tools for the process

The tools which are used to create these floor patterns are really important. These rooms are available without and with a long handle. The blooms that do not have a handle are often pulled from side to side with the help of ropes instead of a long handle. The bristles of these rooms are typically synthetic in nature or are made out of horsehair. In certain cases, both these types that are the horsehair and the synthetic bristles are mixed together to create extra soft bristles so that different kinds of textures can be installed.

Points to bear in mind

In the opening of the discussion, it has been mentioned that creating a broom finish concrete is a technical job. Hence to carry out the process certain points must be Borne in mind at the time of creating these surfaces let us take a look at them.

  • Before the process of grooming begins you must ensure that the concrete is ready for the process. Only when the concrete has the right texture of moisture and firmness that the broom bristle marks will appear clearly.
  • The broom must be pulled inwards or towards the feet of the person who is actually carrying out the process. The speed of pulling must be steady and the brush must be maintained at a single angle from the surface.
  • The point where the groove must end is where you need to lift the broom and not drag it any further.
  • The broom bristles must be moistened before carrying out the process to make clear and distinct marks.

This is one of the most popular and in-vogue patterns that is being used for external spaces and their floors. It offers style ad safety to the users who frequent the space. Contact the best service provider in your city having a skilled and experienced team for designing and developing awesome broom finish concrete for diverse types of buildings.