Interior Stone Wall Cladding: A Lavish Look and Great Design for Modern Home Decor

8th Feb

The stonework on walls and flooring in constructions was a lost art even a few decades ago. Naturally occurring, stones have been one of the primary building materials since time immemorial. It has come back once again and this time it’s more adaptable and stylish. In the 19th and 20th centuries, stone wall cladding was mainly an external job. The new stone wall cladding is receiving equal importance in real estate. Exterior or interior stone wall cladding trending, gorgeous, cost-effective, and durable.

Benefits of Stone Wall Cladding

Let’s take a look at some obvious benefits of stone wall cladding and why it’s such a popular finish these days:

  • Appearance and Impression: Natural materials always have a different appeal in our society. It’s true in every sector. Natural stone offers an authentic cladding that adds depth to a room. The imperfection of natural stones, as no two natural stones are the same, gives a natural texture and variation of the wall panels. When these panels are used in interior decor, the building as a whole connects perfectly with the surrounding environment. Depending on your desired aesthetics, you can choose various colored stones. Apart from natural stones, interior wall cladding or exterior works have been privileged with artificial stones. That’s to say, variations are overwhelming in every sense.
  • Durability and Toughness: Stonewall cladding is extremely durable and tough. This is one of the prime reasons why it was used in exterior wall cladding in historical times, especially before the invention of bricks. It can withstand harsh weather conditions like extreme heat, snowfall, and heavy downpour, it is fire resistant, and it rarely breaks. That means, once designed and installed, you need not think about a replacement for the nest 25-30 years and even more.
  • Versatility and Usefulness: As understood by now, this wall cladding concept has given architects and designers a wide array of choices. In the interiors, this wall cladding is perfect for the living room, dining room, fireplace, balcony, veranda, and bathroom. It can also be used for a visual division of open space in a hall room or living room. In the external facade of a house, stone wall cladding is used for aesthetics and protection. It is also used in forming the boundary walls, outdoor kitchens, or other types of constructions in the garden or backyard.

Stonewall Cladding Needs Expert Intervention

To achieve, a reliable and safe stone fixing system for an interior stone wall cladding or exterior works of a similar type, it is essential to understand the implications of characteristics especially the weights of different categories of stones to be used in the stone cladding work. Ultimately, a stone is a heavy material that is fixed on a vertical wall. Architects or interior designers consider this matter seriously at the early phase of a construction project. It’s always feasible to take expert advice when you have a plan of stone wall cladding.