Manufactured Stone Wall Cladding: Strong, Durable, And Attractive Wall Cladding Option

22nd Feb

Stone cladding is a decorative finish for exterior and interior walls that have been trending in building constructions for quite some time. Stone cladding has a different level of appeal that makes a building elegant and distinct. Earlier, natural stone was mostly used for wall cladding. Ever since the manufactured stone has been available in the market, the popularity of stone cladding has increased in leaps and bounds.

Manufactured stones have widened the designing options and reduced the installation price remarkably – of course, you should contact experts for manufactured stone wall cladding for impeccable works.

Manufactured stones – Brilliant Invention Revolutionizing Architectural Works

Natural stone is a stunning and durable material. It has numerous purposes both outside and inside a building including wall cladding. However, natural stone is heavy and expensive. House owners on a budget had no options previously but to forget their wish of adorning the walls with stone cladding works.

Again, certain types of walls having no capacity to hold weighty stones cannot be decorated with natural stones. Manufactured stones have solved these issues. Manufactured stones normally come within the budget and these are lightweight.

It is a scientific wonder that stones are manufactured in factories. This is a product that can be given varieties of attractive colours and shapes. It can be given the looks of granite, marble, or any other type of stone. Manufactured or artificial stones are mostly made of aggregate compounds either naturally available or artificially made. Sometimes, concrete is also used to manufacture stones.

Molds used in this process are sometimes created casting natural stones to give an accurate natural look. Colour is added either at the time of casting or after the solidification of the cast. So, manufactured stone wall cladding is the cheaper option yet sustainable. Availability of more colours and alluring shapes are an added advantage.

Advantage of Stone Wall Cladding with Manufactured Stones

As discussed above, artificial stones are a cheaper option that comes easily within the budget of house owners. Normally, the price of manufactured stone is one-third to half of the price of natural stones. The most obvious advantage of manufactured stones are as follows –

  • The expense of the stones is reduced to a great extent
  • Availability of varieties of designs and colours
  • Lightweight that makes it suitable in any kinds of walls

Manufactured stones have some other advantages as well, these are the technical advantages –

  • Installation cost also cuts down
  • House owners can think of different designs since options are opulent
  • House owners can reduce the expenses on walling since manufactured stone cladding suits almost all kinds of walling materials
  • The durability of the building as a whole increase
  • It required minimum maintenance

Contact the stone wall cladding specialists in your area for this job. Keep in mind that not just the material but accuracy in designing and installation is also desired.