Leading Pebble Stone Dealers in Kolkata

25th Mar

Whether you own a small courtyard or a massive estate in the countryside, landscape arrangement is the way to beautify your outdoor space. From constructing trendy gardens to designing a formal sitting space or a walkway, any design is possible using beautiful pebble stones. 

A perfectly planned garden is rich in every possible natural element in order to do justice to the chosen aesthetic. While the main focus is on planters, pots and furniture, the type of pebble and other stone elements play an equally important role in transforming your garden into a magical heaven. You can also create an appealing landscape design by incorporating stone pebbles, rocks, and gravels on your garden cover. Pebble stones not only shield the roots of your plants from external elements but also make the terrain look more natural and delicate. However, there are only a handful of pebble stone dealers in Kolkata who are manufacturing and supplying a wide range of pebbles and stones for exterior wall cladding and decor purposes.

Pebble Stones For Gardening and Landscaping

Pebble stones for exterior decor have been divided into several categories based on colour, size, place of discovery, suitability, etc. Their natural stones like property have made them extremely popular among gardeners. If you’re confused about finding genuine pebble stone dealers in Kolkata, be rest assured, Urban Stone, is India’s leading interior & exterior decor company manufacturing each piece using a special mould of an actual natural stone. 


Here are the top  types of pebbles to give your garden a contemporary look:

River Pebbles – Widely used in the exterior cladding of homes, artificial ponds, hotels, and garden pathways, river pebbles are formed by the flow of water in rivers and are generally circular in shape. 

White Pebbles – The majority of white pebbles manufactured in factories are made from white marble rocks. There are many applications for crystal white pebbles such as decorating, beautifying, complementing indoor or outdoor spaces such as gardens, pathways, flower beds, borders, fences, furniture, aquariums, water fountains, water features, swimming pool areas, accent walls, etc. Complementing the natural colours of the plants, they create a relaxing aesthetic appeal.

Black Pebbles – Black pebbles are classified as one of the best pebbles having a broad spectrum of applications. The stone comes in different sizes and has an elliptical shape with a flattened surface. Its base is black with tiny white and gray cracks and specks. Whether it’s your grass paving or garden walks, these stones are essential in creating a stunning ambiance. Many people also use these pebbles as decorations for their fountains or aquariums.

Polished Pebbles – A great way to add visual and textural interest to your garden or outdoor space is to incorporate white polished Marble stone pebbles into your decor. You can create a classy and luxurious appearance for your garden or outdoor space by including pebbles into your landscape design. Due to their aesthetic appeal and ability to make objects appear more alluring, polished stones are always in high demand. These exquisite pebbles can be used to adorn your gardens, flowerpots, aquarium, patios, pavements, waterfalls, water fountains, and pathways.

Quartz Pebbles – Quartz pebbles come in a variety of hues and textures and are composed of both natural and man-made rocks. These are sediments having a smooth, round look.

Natural stone pebbles are excellent for any design or style concept since they can merge in with their surroundings. Also, they are becoming more and more used in landscaping and outdoor living because of their fantastic range of colours and applications. Moreover, strategically adding decorative stone pebbles to a landscape and hardscape will enhance its aesthetics.

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