Privacy Policy

URBAN STONE INC acquires and creates a variety of data about you. Your personal information
is referred to as “Personal Data.” Information that is publicly accessible or freely available does
not constitute personal data.
Your privacy is extremely important to URBAN STONE INC, and URBAN STONE INC is
committed to protecting your personal data.
To safeguard the privacy of your Personal Data, URBAN STONE INC is subject to the provisions
of applicable Indian legislation, including the Information Technology Act 2000 and the
Information Technology (Reasonable security policies and procedures and sensitive personal
data or information) Rules, 2011.
Among The Personal Information That URBAN STONE INC May Gather From You Are The
Following –
• Personal Information (Such As Name, Contact Information, Residential Address, Date Of
Birth, Documents Like Identity Cards, Passports, Driving Licences, And/Or Aadhaar
Details) Supplied By You To Urban Stone Inc In Order To Utilise Its Services
• Some Urban Stone Inc Products/Services Need Financial Information (Such As Income,
Expenses, And/Or Credit History) As Part Of The Request;
• Images Or Videos Of The Paperwork Or Photos Needed To Use Any Of Our Products Or
• Images Or Videos Of The Paperwork Or Photos Needed To Get Any Of Our Products Or
• Voice Recordings Of Conversations You Have With A Urban Stone Inc Customer Service
Representative To Address Your Concerns Or Questions;
• Signature(S) On A Specimen Form Or Authorization To Process Your Request
In Accordance With Current Regulations, URBAN STONE INC May Use Your Personal Data For
The Following Purposes In The Course Of Its Business Operations:
• to examine and process any orders you have placed with URBAN STONE INC for products
or services, as well as any instructions or requests you have provided regarding these orders;
• To share with you, updates on changes to the products/services and their terms and
• To take up or investigate any complaints/claims/disputes;
• To respond to your queries or feedback submitted by you;
• To verify your identity to provide products/services to you;
• To monitor and review services from time to time;
• To undertake financial/regulatory / management reporting, and create and maintain various
risk management models;
• For conducting audits and for record-keeping purposes;
• For selective offers and promotions.
Additionally, URBAN STONE INC makes use of your Personal Data to comply with court orders,
regulatory directives, and/or applicable laws and regulations.
Links to other websites can be found on the Website and its affiliated or group sites. URBAN
STONE INC claims all liability for other websites’ content and privacy policies.
When necessary for the conduct of URBAN STONE INC business or operations, URBAN STONE
INC may lose any Personal Data to the following parties:
• authorised external third parties/intermediaries, as well as any other service provider engaged
in transaction processing, dispatches, printing, or marketing, unless URBAN STONE INC
has been specifically instructed in writing not to share such information with such parties;
• Any governmental body with regulatory, legislative, or administrative authority, as well as
the URBAN STONE INC, for the purpose of storing data or to comply with any statutory,
legal, or regulatory requirements.
These details are disclosed by URBAN STONE INC to the aforementioned service providers under
strict confidentiality, only where “need to know” is the case, and in order to ensure the lawful
running of URBAN STONE INC business/operations.
Regardless of what is stated, URBAN STONE INC is not accountable or liable, either directly or
indirectly, for the legitimacy or accuracy of any personal or financial information, or any other data
or information submitted by you, and/or for any misuse of that information that is not the result of
URBAN STONE INC’s actions, at any time and in any way. If you believe that any information or
data you have submitted is incorrect, incomplete, or needs to be updated, you must immediately
contact URBAN STONE INC to have it corrected or updated. URBAN STONE INC will always try
to immediately address any investor complaints.
Sections of this privacy policy may be changed by URBAN STONE INC at any time without
previous notification. Please periodically check this Policy for updates.
URBAN STONE INC takes a number of actions and precautions to safeguard the security of your
Personal Data against abuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure. On its systems,
URBAN STONE INC employs the most recent access control and secured server layer encryption. A
third-party cyber security assessment company occasionally audits the safety and security procedures
Please email us at if you believe that Urban Stone Inc or its
users/members have ever violated these values. URBAN STONE INC will make all commercially
reasonable attempts to quickly identify and fix the issue.