Product Categories

Brick Tiles Cladding

Brick Wall Cladding is a smart alternative to exposed brick. Clay bricks and roof tiles are among the oldest building materials in the world and still extremely popular. Rustic brick tiles are mostly preferred by architects for interior & exterior wall cladding works and these are generally seen in European style buildings.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone is created through a combination of cement, aggregates, pigments, and other additives to achieve a texture and color similar to various types of natural stone such as granite, limestone, or slate.

Natural Stone Cladding

Natural stone cladding is a timeless and elegant architectural solution that adds both aesthetic appeal and durability to any space. Perfect for both interior and exterior applications, natural stone cladding involves the application of thin layers of authentic stone materials to walls or surfaces, transforming the look and feel of a space.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, often called textured or imprinted concrete, replicates stones, such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick and even wood. The wide variety of pattern and color choices make it popular for beautifying patios, pool decks, driveways and more.


Wall texture refers to the surface finish or pattern applied to interior or exterior walls to enhance their visual appeal and add a tactile element to the space. Various textures can be created using different materials and techniques, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities.

Terracotta Products

Terracotta is an Italian word for baked earth. As commonly known, terracotta or clay building materials are used since historic days. These things include wall tiles, roof tiles, floor tiles and jaalis and so many other products to make the building aesthetically appealing.

Breeze Block

Breeze Blocks adds a decorative dimension to architecture, as well as providing privacy and protection but with a feeling of openness and weightlessness Thanks to skillful artisans plus the creation from modern designers and architects.

Fibre Cement Board

GLO-FCB Fluted Boards, with these Fluted Boards, we have taken this fiber cement board phenomenon for interiors and exteriors to the next level. Make way for an eco-friendly and weather resistant living because here is a game-changer, giving the construction industry the facelift, it so urgently needs.

MDF Panels

MDF Fluted Panels can be used to beautify all Interior walls and Ceilings in homes, offices, hotels, healthcare, education institutes, health clubs, and recreation facilities. Made from HD-HMR Boards that are multi-dimensional bonds with single-layer glue architecture, hence it provides higher moisture resistance compared to normal MDF. Where normal MDF catches moisture and its layers start to peel off, the HD-HMR Board will not lose its strength.

Wall Panels

Wall panels can add a unique decorative touch and a sense of luxury to any room. It’s a perfect way to decorate your home if you are looking for something different to provide a note of warmth and comfort. Decorative wall panels come to a variety of designs to choose from that fit any type of project.

Rattan Cane Webbing Rolls

Urban Stone Introduces Rattan Cane Webbing. These are elegant looking wall panelling & furniture materials that enhance quality. They are simple to use and uniform for the production of high-value wall panels & furniture in any quantity.

PU Faux Stone Panels

PU Stone Panel is a Light Weight yet Durable & Easy-to-install Cultured Stone that is used as wall Panels. These are designed to create a faux stone looking wall. PU Wall Stone Panels are available in various colours & finishes that can be used to create a variety of looks such as traditional or modern.

Semi Precious Stone

Semi-precious stones can be used all over your home including luxury kitchen counters and bar tops, vanity units and even flooring. The slabs can be so beautiful that you can even have panels mounted to the wall to create a beautiful feature. Fireplaces and hearths also look amazing.

Artificial Plants

Eco-friendly Evergreen Artificial Designer Grass, makes your garden, balcony and indoors feel alive and gives you a great landscape, perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.


A louvers panel is a type of architectural or interior design element consisting of a series of angled slats or fins spaced evenly apart. These slats are typically arranged horizontally or vertically and can be adjustable or fixed in position. Louvers panels serve several purposes, including regulating airflow, controlling light penetration, providing privacy, and adding aesthetic appeal to a building or space.


Wall moulding, also known as wall trim or wall paneling, refers to decorative elements installed on walls to add architectural interest and visual appeal. Wall moulding can come in various styles, materials, and configurations, allowing for diverse design possibilities.

Pare Panels

PARE is committed to bringing Innovative surfaces that use world-class cutting edge technology to develop stronger, aesthetic, environment friendly and sustainable building materials. Our team of experts are constantly exploring new ways to improve the performance of building materials, and our research and development efforts are focused on developing breakthrough products and technologies that can revolutionize the building material industry.

Curb Brick

CURB Brick is made from natural stone powder & stone grains with premium imported resin. It is 100% green product. It is light weight & flexible. Hence, reduce the structural weight. It has a fading balance property and color stability. As it is made from natural stone powder, it is washable & long lasting product.

Pebbles Tiles

Pebbles are small, smooth stones typically found near bodies of water like rivers, beaches, or streams. They’re created through the erosion and weathering of larger rocks over time, resulting in their rounded and polished appearance. Pebbles come in various sizes, colors, and textures, ranging from tiny grains to larger rocks.

Stone Veneer

“Stone veneer” refers to a thin layer of natural stone or manufactured stone material that is applied to the surface of a wall or other structure for decorative or protective purposes. Stone veneer is used in both interior and exterior applications and is favored for its aesthetic appeal and versatility.

SS Profile

SS Profiles are stainless steel PVD Color Coated Decorative Profile Series in various shapes and colors. These SS Profiles are made from high quality 304 Steel and coated with PVD Titanium coatings, which gives a life of 15 years.