Stylize Your Concrete Flooring With Stamped Powder Colour Hardener

4th Mar

Protecting a concrete floor is more than shielding the joints. The surface is actually vulnerable to damage that is received from abrasion and regular impacts. Different weather conditions also have harsh impacts on the concrete flooring. Thus, with the application of stampede powder colour hardener, it can be the best and most effective way for protecting the surface and extend the durability of concrete floors.

What is Stampede Powder Colour Hardener?

Stampede powder colour hardener is:

  • Ready-to-use colour surface hardener that is used for colouring concrete floors. It is also used for hardening the surface.
  • It is used for providing the base colour and applied in the form of dry shake over floated and freshly levelled concrete
  • It consists of pre-tested cement (mostly silica quartz aggregate) that is made of inorganic pigments. The hardener also consists of components that are responsible for improving the properties of a concrete surface
  • Stampede powder colour hardener reduces periodical expenses that are caused by painting and on the other hand, increases the durability
  • With this colour hardener, different types of customization can be prepared as various shades are available on the market

Where can you use the Stampede Powder Colour Hardener?

Stampede powder colour hardener can be used for colouring concrete overlays or stampede concrete. The rich surface paste helps a lot when creating sharper imprints. Hardeners are able to produce a more robust tone when compared with integral pigments. It offers greater variability as more than one accent of colours can be used to achieve tonal variations as per the owner’s requirements.

Benefits and Features

Over time, the use of stampede powder is increasing in construction works. The product has several benefits and attractive features that make it so much demanding in the market:

  • Stampede powder colour hardener offers a clean bond break between stamping mats and fresh concrete
  • It allows colour variation and establishes an antique effect for the surfaces
  • The removal process is hassle-free and this allows a controlled removal for achieving the desired shading effect.

Any Limitations?

Like every product and matter on earth, stampede powder colour hardener has some limitations, too. The final colour of the hardener may get affected due to several factors. These include:

  • Concrete mix ingredients like coarse aggregate or fine aggregate
  • Cement
  • Water
  • Finishing techniques
  • Weather
  • Application process
  • Coloring method
  • Acid stains

That is to say, the product has a life-cycle but with proper care, you can maintain the original vivacity of the concrete flooring for a pretty long time.

Important Points to Remember

Make sure to follow routine maintenance for the coloured concrete to keep up the appearance. After every two to five months, make sure to inspect the coloured concrete floor and keep it cleaned and resealed as per the requirement.