Textured Concrete Finish: Best Investment For Sustainable Construction And Stylish Look

4th Aug

There would be hardly anyone who is not aware of the contribution of concrete in the progress of civilizations and various structures serving a long list of purposes. The progress of concrete has been one of the remarkable for the uses of concrete does not confine within building the structures alone. Today, concrete plays an undeniable role in giving new looks and class to structures. One cannot but get amazed at the sight of the structures using a textured concrete finish.

The use of such technology makes it possible to turn a mere concrete structure into a piece of art and stability. While concrete remains the most used material for building structures, the approach of using it differently makes it add aesthetics to structures. The ease of installation, budget-abiding. The budget-abiding finishes offer additional features like ease of installation, wide variety in designs and looks, user-specific installation, assured quality of materials sustaining the durability in structures.

Scope of Concrete Finish

The scope of the application of the concrete finishes ranges from the nature of use, place of application, looks expected, permissible budget, and durability. The cost of such finishes often remains lesser than feared and facilitates many to enjoy the advantages of textured concrete finish. The versatility of types remains one of the key reasons for attracting millions and install such finishes in their structures.

The application of such finishes may turn your shabby corridors into one of the dazzling ones you find in the most sophisticated buildings and can reshape your known garden into the one you cannot resist spending some quality time with yourself. Most significantly, it can wipe out the dull, gloomy looks of your existing house and turn it into a modern-day resident with a classy touch of aesthetics. The advantages extend further and allow enjoying a thermal resistant adobe while the scorching heat turns most air conditioners kneel at their incapability.

Types of Textured Concrete Finish

There are many types of concrete finishes like smoothed surface finish, broom-finished concrete, stamp finish, exposed aggregate finish, and textured concrete finish. The decorative concrete finish gains its added respect for the ability to texture the concrete with designs other finishes can hardly deliver.

  • Smoothed Surface Finish: It ensures the uniformity in looks of the surface and ease of cleaning, it lacks the aesthetics. The age-old use of the finishing method is very common and fails to attribute taste in construction.
  • Broom-finished concrete: Without any variation in the materials used demonstrates a roughly textured surface created by the bristles of a broom. The rough surface allows good gripping on the surface.
  • Stamp finish surface: It needs additional materials for pigmentation and other agents to let the concrete flow the colour of its own. The process needs human intervention in its final looks. The uniformity of texture is a key identification of stamp finish.

The textured concrete finish uses a host of materials and agents to bring about the desired texture with colour and shade. No two such finishes can have uniform looks although apparent similarity may prevail. The texture generated for each concrete finish is primarily based on specifications expected by the client.

Advantage of Textured Concrete Finish

Among all materials used in construction works, concrete is the most popular one for diverse reasons. Here have a look:

  • Concrete is inexpensive in comparison to other materials: The production cost of cement concrete is lower than engineered cementitious products used in walls, floors, or porches. Moreover, it is widely manufactured and supplied. Constructions workers are more interested in this raw concrete than other products because they can explore wide many designs and shaped with concrete.
  • Concrete hardens at room temperature: No special equipment or hot blowing machine is required for hardening concrete work. It hardens fast at normal temperature. Thus, it can be used in any weather condition without any special arrangement. The textured concrete look takes shape faster even when it is heavily raining outside.
  • Excellent water resistivity: Compared to wood, steel, and synthetic materials used in wall and floor construction, concrete can withstand water for decades without any serious damage. Due to this excellent water resistivity, concrete is used in underwater constructions as well as in damns and riverbank constructions projects. For this same reason, the textured concrete finish looks fabulous even after decades.
  • Excellent temperature resisting product: Concrete can resist high temperature that makes it the first choice for the construction of buildings in high-temperature zones. So, your concrete finish not only brings a stylish look to the house but also makes the house high temperature resistant.

With the use of textured concrete finish, the real estate projects finally find a solution to add aesthetics to their structures in a cost-effective way while saving time and complications of installation. Contact only the experienced service provider having experts in this job. They can offer you the concrete finish in the exact way you want.